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As an early enterprise engaged in the application and development of simulation technology in China, saisida Co., Ltd. has technical strength and rich industry experience in the field of simulation and virtual application, and can create personalized solutions and all-round technical services for users. Moreover, saisida pays close attention to the development of simulation technology at home and abroad, maintains friendly and cooperative relations with many excellent foreign manufacturers, constantly introduces foreign new simulation technology and products, and strives to serve Chinese users with first-class products and technologies. Through cooperation with top foreign companies, saisida has direct contact with 3D simulation / virtual reality software, deeply mastered the development details of visual simulation / virtual reality and the architecture of foreign advanced software, and learned advanced software development concepts and excellent project management experience. In the long-term accumulation, saisida has gradually established and improved a technical team with excellent quality and excellent technology. They not only have the necessary professional theoretical knowledge in the field of simulation, but also have rich on-site work experience.

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