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Win-win with one heart--Sida's 2019 meeting highlights

Win-win with one heart--Sida's 2019 meeting highlights

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Win-win with one heart--Sida's 2019 meeting highlights

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2019-01-17 16:11
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On January 17, 2019, Systar's "Win-Win Together" 2019 Annual Meeting was grandly held in Beijing. This is the annual high event for the four talents. Summarizing the transition period of 2018, we are full of pride; looking forward to development in 2019, we have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders. We firmly believe that together ALL IN is on the right track, and we strive to create a well-connected future together.

Chairman Galen summarized the operating conditions in 18 years and put forward the company's operating goals for 19 years. Starting from 2019, it will be operated in accordance with the profit center and cost center, and will be fully authorized under the premise of effective supervision and checks and balances, and independent accounting and assessment will be implemented. We must unswervingly transform to R&D and production, and work together to do a good job of integrated services. The work of the "R&D, process, triangle, and appointment" under the new structure is a process of continuous implementation, which must be optimized and perfected persistently.



Vice President Wisdom gave us a wonderful speech "The general is incompetent and exhausted." Let management return to simplicity. Everyone is a leader. As a leader, you must understand: 1. What does the company invite you to do? 2. The problem is your chance. 3. Who can follow the company to the end? 4. As far as the leader is concerned: if you love him, you must strictly demand him! 5. Be part of the team and not be a lone wolf.

CTO Gene introduced us to several key projects from 18 years of experience in VR manufacturing and VR entertainment simulation business, as well as 19 years of business development, as product trends in the manufacturing industry change, the Direction of R & D will also be adjusted.

Vice President Ruth used two short stories to let us understand the difficulties and challenges of Quality Management Work, deeply touched the presence of each of the four stars. In 19 years, Ruth will invest more in marketing, making marketing a powerful force for sales.

Department heads do year-end summary

At the party, the partners are talented, brilliant, unique creative form, energetic song and dance,Crosstalk, skits, Chinese Zither , magic... ! ... To rock the house, to have fun, to do well,In 2019, we will work together for win-win results, and do it again!

[ Girl hiphop ]

From: Creative Center, Finance Department

Cross talk-《The learned man》

From: Tony, HR, Owen, quality management department


From: Jason, Witt, Xian Office

Self composed song-yabsolute devotion to country

From: iron man, marketing department

Sketch -《almost》

From: Chengdu Branch

Dance -《Four Little Swans》

From: Tony, Eason, sonic of human resources department, Leo of Sales Department

Skewered song

From:  system department, Sunny of quality management department, Leo of Sales Department


From: maker center Frank

Game-Carrot Squat

Zither performance

From: Ailsa, sales department

Galen, chairman of the board, presented awards to excellent employees

Functional department: Fisher, technical department: Phoebe, middle management: gray

Song -the most beautiful blessing of this life

From: Ruth, vice president, Jianan, CFO, Susie, manager of Finance Department

poetry recital

From: Galen, chairman

Work together for win-win results

Ski together and release your passion



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