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Virtual manufacturing, training simulators, battlefield integrated environment C4ISR business,

simulation of electronic systems and simulation of civilian technology venues

  • Simulator

    2014 SEASTARS successfully provides the Boeing737 / 800 simulator vision system, including ...

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  • Battlefield Environment

    Battlefield Environment

    The WebLVC concept WebLVC is designed to facilitate Web-based applications with traditional...

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  • Virtual Reality Applications

    Virtual Reality Applications

    Mechdyne is the official partner of several software companies (Dassault, Siemens, PTC, ESRI) ...

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  • Special Effects Theater

    Special Effects Theater

    In China there are 23 users, 25 sets of Digistar system, of which 8.5 meters in diameter dome theater...

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  • Electronic System Simulation

    Electronic System Simulation

    Overview The TeraXP family of rugged OpenVPX embedded servers solves problems in compact...

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  • Seastars Maintenance Training

    Seastars Maintenance Training

    Based on LDV development equipment virtual maintenance training system can be realized ....

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  • 产品详细介绍: The four-year success of the 2014 Boeing737 / 800 ...
  • 产品详细介绍: The four-year success of the 2014 Boeing737 / 800 ...
  • 产品详细介绍: The four-year success of the 2014 Boeing737 / 800 ...


SEASTARS CORP has grown into a market leader in high-end applications for domestic simulation and virtual reality

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High-end applications market leader


So far has served in military forces, national defense research, education institutions,

government agencies and manufacturing enterprises and other industries



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