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Seastars was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Beijing. The company "simulation services to achieve customer value" as its mission, focus on computer simulation technology and application systems development, production and sales. Businesses involved in virtual manufacturing, training simulators, battlefield integrated environment C4ISR business, electronic systems simulation and civilian science and technology venues of the simulation business. So far has served the military forces, national defense research, education institutions, government agencies and manufacturing enterprises and other industries.


In the field of computer graphics

We have developed image (Yishi) series of independent visual simulation products, such as Yishi graphics workstation, Yishi projection products, Yishi LED screen display products, Yishi fusion and corrector, Yishi virtual and real image display products, Yishi sensor simulation products and Yishi support maintenance simulation products.

In civil and municipal track simulation market

Xinyuan company under the company has developed a series of vehicle simulation products such as full-function and simple vehicle simulation, braking maintenance simulation, traction training simulation, circuit air conditioning door safety escape simulation, and has track training signal simulation products or platforms such as DCS, vobc, CBTC and OCC, as well as simulation platforms such as AFC / PIs and IBP / Fas.

In the fields of combat training, support and maintenance, experimental verification, etc

The company's Beijing Shenzhou Sida Technology Co., Ltd. has developed Shenzhou (Sino) series tactical level simulators and hand platforms, integrated battlefield environment training, virtual real scene (LVC) training, joint operation command and control simulation, experimental verification and mission planning.

In the aspects of simulator integration, simulation trainer integration and simulator subsystem matching

The company has developed SSC level 7 training simulator, SSC aviation safety products, such as ejection, life-saving, flight anti illusion simulation products, SSC night flight simulation products, SSC instructor console and SSC intelligent control power distribution products, and has accumulated complete machine integration experience.


Serve customers wholeheartedly

take "scientific and technological innovation" as the driving force of development, with the principle of sustainable development, with high efficiency team, strict quality management system and in-depth understanding of industry application over the years, we are willing to work with users to win To you more excellent products, more professional technology, more satisfied with the service.

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