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Simulation services realize customer value

Along the way, [Beijing saisida Technology Co., Ltd.] takes "simulation service to realize customer value" as its mission, is committed to system design and technology research of simulation application, and gradually grows into a mainstream virtual reality (VR) system integrator in the industry. Saisida Co., Ltd. has undertaken different types of virtual reality centers for Zhejiang University, central China University of technology, Nanjing University, Northwest University of technology, avic-1, China Aerospace overall design department, simulation center and other departments, including cave (computer automatic virtual reality environment) system, three fold power wall system, desktop immersa desk system Large cylindrical arc screen systems in China.


Participated in the construction of the virtual reality immersive system of the China Pavilion of the World Expo

In the field of virtual manufacturing and visualization, he has successively worked for China Aviation Industry Corporation, China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Chery Automobile Jac automobile and other large manufacturing enterprises provide virtual reality technology application system and overall scheme; In the field of virtual training and simulation, he has successively obtained the development of visual system of domestic "Jian-10", "Xiaolong", "K8" and other military fighter, trainer and bomber simulators, as well as the development of visual or avionics simulation of "Xinzhou-60", "ARJ-21" and other civil aircraft simulators.

As an early domestic enterprise engaged in the application and development of simulation technology

Beijing saisida Technology Co., Ltd. has first-class technical force and rich industry experience in the field of simulation and virtual application, and provides users with customized solutions and all-round technical services. Moreover, saisida pays close attention to the latest developments of simulation technology at home and abroad, maintains long-term friendly cooperative relations with many foreign enterprises, and continuously introduces the latest foreign simulation products and technologies to serve Chinese users. At the same time, [Beijing saisida Technology Co., Ltd.] gradually mastered the advanced technology of visual simulation / virtual reality development and excellent project management experience by learning the mainstream foreign 3D simulation / virtual reality software. In the long-term technical accumulation, saisida has gradually established and improved a high-quality and professional technical team, which not only has professional theoretical knowledge in the field of simulation, but also has rich on-site work experience.
Through the development of hundreds of large projects and independent products, [Beijing saisida Technology Co., Ltd.] has formed a set of standardized R & D service processes and specifications. The company passed ISO9001 international quality system certification in software development and service business in 2002; In 2005, it passed the three-level certification of "computer system integration qualification" of the Ministry of information industry of the people's Republic of China; In 2007, with software products with independent intellectual property rights, it obtained the dual software certification of software products and software enterprises.

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